Mud Pie: Style Your Customers with Video

July 17, 2020

Who is Mud Pie?

Mud Pie is a popular lifestyle brand that designs and sells over 10,000 products. They sell B2B to retail stores, but they also sell directly B2C after items are released to retailers. They specialize in women’s clothes, baby clothes, and home decor. Over the past six years, we had the opportunity to help Mud Pie grow their video marketing strategy from the ground up.

Style Your Customers With Video

Why did they want to invest in video marketing?

Mud Pie loves giving their customers ideas on how-to style their products. Video production is an important component of Mud Pie’s marketing, and the “More Ways” series is far from their first rodeo. Our video strategy for Mud Pie encompasses all stages of the customer lifecycle, whether we are attracting new prospects, engaging prospects to convert into customers, or delighting current customers with helpful tips and fun content.

Style Your Customers with Video!

The concept behind the “More Ways” series was simple: show consumers more ways to style a particular article of clothing from Mud Pie’s new line. Each video serves tremendous value. For prospects, this is an intriguing introduction to the Mud Pie Brand. For current customers, it’s a great resource to get even more use and inspiration from the Mud Pie products they already own. The series gives context to the appropriate times to wear Mud Pie, while also explaining how to bundle and layer accessories- giving the audience a feel for the versatility of Mud Pie’s product.

Our Production Day

This series was a total blast to shoot. We hired hair-and-makeup along with our key actors, Alicia, Alla, and Stephanie, to help make this vision possible. We also added several fun props into each scene to tell the visual story. We spent the day having fun and directing our talent to ensure we captured a ton of great moments.

Style Your Customers With Video

The Result

Out of the hundreds of video productions we’ve created with Mud Pie, they told us that these were some of their favorite videos we’ve ever produced for them! They loved that we conveyed their personality in a fun, yet straightforward manner. This series is now featured on their website along with each article of clothing and accessory worn in the video, that way a customer could easily purchase the entire look!

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