How to Get More Video from Existing Footage

February 1, 2019

Get More from Your Footage

A few months ago, GEEARS (Georgia Early Education Alliance for Ready Students) came to us wanting video production for 3 different series with 10 total videos. GEEARS is a non-profit that works with the state-funded program DECAL (Department of Early Care and Learning). GEEARS and DECAL wanted to create a video to explain their program called Quality-Rated, which is a system that was developed to rate child care providers. Quality-Rated helps providers improve their classroom environments and helps parents choose a ‘quality’ daycare provider.

The first series is designed to be informative and initially was comprised of 2 videos. One video aims to educate the general public about CAPS, which is a federally-funded program that provides early education scholarships to eligible families. The next video is designed for child care providers and outlines the importance of being Quality-Rated.

We also signed on to create a series about childcare tips and a series about games families can play with their children to increase cognitive function.

As we were wrapping up post-production for the first series and begun pre-production for the childcare tips series, we were very happy to hear that our client was so pleased with the first two videos that they wanted to add another video to the informative series! They realized that they needed a video to help parents understand the purpose/utility of Quality-Rated. Because we already had so much footage, adding another video was only a small additional post-production cost. No additional video production was required.This brings us to an important point. It’s eminent that our clients understand that they need not always be limited by the initial vision. We can almost always get more video from existing video content.

In this day-and-age, the use cases of video are almost limitless. Request a free video strategy consultation today to learn about how you can attract, engage, and delight your customers with video marketing.

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