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From Awareness to Consideration: How Mercedes-Benz Stadium Maximized their Video Budget

This blog is part of a series outlining how to get the most out of your video production.

Recently, we had the pleasure of creating a video strategy for the Mercedes-Benz Stadium private events team. As any fellow ATLien can imagine, this was a huge deal for us. This new 1.6 billion dollar stadium has quickly become a staple in the Atlanta community, as the home of both the Falcons and Atlanta United.

Something people don’t always consider about the stadium is that it can be transformed into a state of the art event space… but if you’ve never seen it used in that capacity, how would you know?

This is the problem the private events team was trying to solve, thus hired us to showcase their 15 versatile event spaces in one video.

The idea of the private event space overview video is to give people a preview of the space. Whether they’re considering hosting an event there or are curious about the space before touring, this video is informative while also being fantastic eye candy.

Hosting your event at Mercedes-Benz Stadium isn’t just an event, it’s an experience. Mercedes-Benz Stadium offers over 15 different event spaces with premium amenities, so it’s no surprise that a plethora of events, conferences, and companies want to host at MBS. Plus it doesn’t hurt that the space is also just super cool.

A general overview video is extremely useful for awareness, but the private events team quickly realized they would also benefit from having 5 shorter videos specific to their most popular event spaces. For example, a 500 person office party would require a totally different space than a 5,000 conference. These 5 short videos will give the MBS private events team the ability to provide parties in the consideration stage with an informative video more specific to their needs.

When the private events team came to us wanting these extra 5 videos, we knew it could easily be done with no extra production. When shooting, we always capture far more footage than what makes the final cut. This allows us to tell the right narrative with the perfect footage, but also allows us to create extra content for our clients with no extra production involved.

We love when our clients request extra content because it means that they understand the value of video marketing. The private events team at Mercedes-Benz Stadium maximized their video budget, going from 1 video to 6 videos without any extra production, and all of our clients can do that. If you’re interested in learning more about video, let’s chat!


Landon Yarborough

Digital Marketing Manager