How To Delight Customers with Video

May 6, 2019

Why is Delighting Customers so Important?

Remember when Alec Baldwin gave the “ABC- Always Be Closing” monologue in Glengarry Glen Ross?

“Because only one thing counts in this life! Get them to sign on the line which is dotted! You hear me, you [freaking idiots]?” (Baldwin used 2 different words at the end, but you get the point.)

This Always Be Closing mentality might have worked in the 90’s, but so did low-rise jeans and frosted tips. Society evolves.

Allow me to mount my soapbox and give my own version of an ABC speech, except mine is “ABD- Always Be Delighting.”

If you’re familiar with the Flywheel, a model for the customer lifecycle created by Hubspot, then you know a shift is happening in many businesses from a funnel mindset to a flywheel mindset. The flywheel model focuses heavily on how customers help businesses grow, and not surprisingly, this is contingent on customer delight.

Making sales and closing deals are important. It’s how we keep the lights on and the paychecks direct depositing.

But in a day and age where about 50% of loyal customers have left a company for a competitor who was able to provide a more satisfying customer experience, customer delight is vital to your company’s prosperity.

Your success is tied to your customers’ success.

If you shift your mindset and resources to Always Be Delighting, you’ll have happier customers. Happy customers come back. Happy customers recommend you to their friends and co-workers. Delighting, not closing, is how you grow your business in 2019.

What Videos Delight?

Where does video fit into the delight equation?

Today’s consumers love video. It’s their preferred way to retain information. What better way to delight your customers than by giving them what they want?

I scream, you scream, we all scream for… video! Isn’t that how the saying goes? Something like that.

The types of video that generally fall into the delight stage are how-to videos, FAQ videos, and event recap videos.

How-To Videos

You can have the dopest product or service of all time, but what good is that if your customers aren’t successfully using it? How-to videos can range from the basics of using your product to breaking down a new feature you just launched.

When you make it easy for your customers to understand using what they’ve purchased, you create happier customers who are more likely to purchase again and recommend your company.

These videos can also be used during the engage stage to give your prospects a sneak peek into 1) how great your product is and 2) how great your company is for providing such resources.

FAQ Videos

Creating videos that answer frequently asked questions makes it easy for customers to find the answer to their problems without having to contact you (honestly, who wants to pick up the phone when they don’t have to?).

This makes life easier for them because the solution is instantaneous, but also relieves your customer success team from answering the same questions repeatedly.

Event Recap Videos

Once you attend an event, it’s fun and nostalgic to see a video recapping the fun you had, the speakers you heard, etc.

Event attendees are more likely to share a social media post about an event if it contains video. It’s free promotion for your company while also creating delighted attendees.

Event recap videos can also serve as promotional content for your next event.

What Platforms Delight?

Videos created to delight customers generally live on your website, in email, and on social media.


When a customer has questions about your product or service, they’ll likely check your website.

If you have a Resources or FAQ page, your clients can likely find a solution to their problem there.

Since people learn more efficiently and retain more information via video, it makes sense to video success resources.


Often when a customer has a problem or inquiry, she’ll email your customer services team.

If you have templated emails ready to send answering commonly asked questions with video, it saves your team time and delights the customer with an easy to understand video.

Social Media

A large part of your social media following is probably people who have already purchased from you. Posting video content giving ideas on how to better use your product or service delights your customers because they are getting free tips on how to better utilize their purchase.

Happy customers are more likely to re-purchase and recommend you!

Madewell, a popular women’s fashion brand, often posts videos on Instagram giving tips on how to style one of their clothing items. This serves multiple purposes, as most videos do. It delights customers who already own the jeans because it’s free advice, and it inspires interested customers into purchasing.

Always Be Delighting

Using video along the customer delight journey is the most efficient method for getting your message across. Remember to ABD, since your success is tied directly to your customer’s success.

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