How To Attract Leads with Video

April 30, 2019

Video Attracts Leads

Attracting leads is like dating in high school.

You were way cooler and funnier than the popular kids, but somehow they got all the dates! (Yikes, am I getting too personal?) If no one knows who you are, good luck landing a date.

Same goes for businesses. Your product can be far superior to your competition, but if consumers don’t know that you exist, they can’t choose you.

Attracting isn’t about closing a deal, it’s about increasing your exposure so that later on, you have people to close deals with.

Unlike dating, video is the most efficient way to attract these leads. (Although I do think a dating app that allowed for video profiles would be successful…)

Attracting is the first stage in the Video Marketing Flywheel. Video is captivating and captures attention. This is so important when attracting because people don’t really know/care who you are yet, so your content must be engaging to change that.

What Videos Attract?

You’ll have a difficult time getting people to watch your 3-minute explainer video unless they’re already a fan of your brand. When attracting new leads, having a hook helps you stand out of the endless content on the Internet.

Brand Videos

Brand videos are great for showing people who you are and why you do what you do. This gives prospects the opportunity to decide if your values align with their own. Brand videos tend to be creative and fun, making them perfect for attracting new eyeballs.

Micro Videos

Short 5-10 second videos (micro videos) are very popular on social media right now. They are eye-catching and attention-grabbing, but they don’t ask too much of the audience.

Like dating, it’s good to leave a little mystery in the beginning. Micro videos catch the eye and invoke curiosity, which is exactly where you want them during the attract stage.

Here is an example of a micro video. Sometimes micro videos contain a callout, but sometimes they are just eye-catching footage.

Thought Leadership/Industry FAQ Videos

Thought leadership/industry specific FAQ videos establish you as a forward thinker in your industry. This creates a sense of trust early on, which enables a smoother transition from prospect to customer later in the customer journey.

Generally, people are more likely to trust a peer or industry thought leader rather than a marketer or advertiser. If you position yourself as a thought leader, gaining trust is far easier.

What Platforms Attract?

Organic Social Media

Content created to attract new leads is perfect for organically posting on social media. Perhaps it’s because I’m a millennial, but anytime I’m considering a purchase or want to learn more about a company, I check out their social media.

This gives me a bit of insight into a company’s personality and values. If those values align with mine, I’m more likely to make a purchase.

Paid Social Media

Advertising on social gives you the ability to be hyper-specific about your personas. When optimized, this yields the greatest number of qualified leads. Statistically, video performs better than alternative mediums.

Video shines here because we are advertised to constantly on social media and have become good at tuning it out, however video is eye-catching and more likely to hold our attention than a still image.


We’d all love our company to appear first when keywords related to our industry are Googled. Video can help with this.

A webpage containing an optimized video is up to 53x more likely to end up on the first Search Engine Results Page (SERP) of Google.

Video on a webpage increases that user dwell time, which is, you guessed it, the amount of time a user dwells on a webpage. The higher this is, the more useful Google assumes your content is, and the higher it will rank your site.


YouTube is the world’s 2nd largest search engine and a great platform for building a brand.  YouTube is also owned by Google, which is why you often see YouTube videos as search results for a Google query.

You can also promote your video content on YouTube by purchasing YouTube pre-roll ads. You can even target people based on their Google searches.


Attracting is vital to business growth. With a saturated market, video is the most powerful way to attract new leads. Videos in the attract stage are designed with the goal in mind of moving qualified viewers along and into the engage stage. People have to know who you are before they seal the deal.

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