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This is a quick video that walks through your video marketing strategy.

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Video Strategy for Sales Reps

This document is full of information to help your sales reps win more business with video. This document outlines 2 campaigns to help sales reps win more business with video.

The goal of Sales Campaign #1 is to increase email conversion rates and breaks down how to increase email open rates, CTR, and traffic to your website.

The goal of Sales Campaign #2 is to capture more leads using sales reps’ personal social media accounts. You’ll find 8 tips that increase engagement, reach, and number of video views on social media.


Video Academy

Our collection of how-to videos walks you through exactly how to do everything from upload subtitles to Facebook to embed a GIF in an email. Check these videos out and you’ll be a video marketing master in no time.

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Embed a GIF in Email

Supercharge your email open rate and click through rate with video! Click here to learn more about using GIFs in email.

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