How to Use Video Marketing for Events

April 20, 2020

Market Your Event with Video

By default, humans yearn to be part of something. This is the reason why so many businesses & organizations go through the time-consuming and costly process of planning events for their audience.

Typically- there are a few consistent goals that every event should be focusing on.

Sell Tickets
Obtain Sponsors
Create Post-Event ‘Buzz’

As today’s most powerful form of messaging, video production is vital to achieving all of these goals.

Before the Event: Sell Tickets

With more targeted advertising opportunities than ever before, promotional content is key to spreading the word about your upcoming event. The different ways to use promotional video content are endless- but we’ll focus on two different marketing techniques – social media advertising and videos for landing pages. 

Social Media allows event promoters to create incredibly targeted advertising campaigns based on geographic location, interests, age, etc. As an example, the City of Lawrenceville ran an ad campaign to attract people to their annual downtown St. Patty’s Day festival.

Social Media Advertisements are typically short and sweet, and square (1:1 aspect ratio). These videos are heavy with text & graphic call-outs, as most of these ads will ultimately be viewed without sound.
If a prospective patron has already made it to the event’s website, having video on this page will help increase your conversion rate. This type of video content is how Taste of Atlanta has been promoting their event for the last few years, and has helped this event sell-out year over year.

Event promotional videos on web pages should have a clear call-to-action to buy tickets. Limited time offers such as discounted rates or free add-ons can be very helpful in encouraging early sales.

Enhance Your Event: Sponsorships

It’s no secret that most events need sponsorships to thrive, and video production can help an event promoter to sell more sponsorships than ever before. There are a few different ways to do this, but our recommended action would be to create a ‘Sponsor Testimonial Video’’ just like Taste of Atlanta did.

Sponsorship Testimonials will help a potential sponsor hear directly from somebody who had a positive experience. If your sponsors are happy, you should have no problem rounding up a few volunteers to tell their story.

Create Memories: Event Recap

Once your event has concluded, it’s not actually over. It’s now time to spread the good word about how successful your event was, and immediately begin promoting for next year. Recap Videos are a great way to keep the energy alive. Creating an Event Recap video has become a standard for events in the 21st century.

Encourage those who attended to share the recap video on their social networks. The beauty of this content is that this footage can be used to promote your event for years to come


Video ensures your event lives on forever in all of its glory. Pre-event videos generate awareness and buzz around your event and get people excited. Google loves video, so a video promoting your event will perform much better than a worded promotion. After the event, you can encourage attendees to keep the spirit of the event alive with event highlight videos.

Event video can be used in a multitude of ways and serve a vast variety of purposes. Don’t let your event just be an event – with event video you are providing the necessary tools to reach the full potential of your large-scale event-based marketing venture.

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