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Expand Your Audience With Event Video

Popular Video Types

Event Video

Events take a lot of time, money, and energy execute, and when you’re the host, there’s always an inevitable mix of sadness and relief once they’re over. Creating professional videos for and from your event will help your event live on forever. Event video will open up the content of your event to all those who could not be there while drumming up excitement for your next event. Video will account for 80% of web traffic by 2020, so make sure your event has the video coverage needed to stay relevant.

Before the Event: Generate Awareness

Videos released prior to an event creates buzz and anticipation. By default, humans yearn to be part of something. Since video is the most captivating mean of engagement, people will be able to imagine themselves being part of the experience when watching event video. Last year, we filmed at the “bites and bevs fest” Taste of Atlanta in order to create an event recap video and sponsor testimonial video. But months later, we also created a promotional video to advertise this year’s event. I attended last year, but this video reminds me just how much of a blast I had and makes me even more eager for this year’s Taste of Atlanta!

But if this is your first event or there was no team to capture the last event, don’t worry. A promotional video doesn’t have to contain footage from a previous event. Interview speakers or sponsors to create a short promotional video. This sort of video can also be used to impress a potential speaker and persuade her to be part of your next event.


By default, humans yearn to be part of something.

After: Event Recap

Not only does an event recap video inspire other people to attend your event next year, but for those who attended, it keeps the energy of the event alive and reminds them to implement what they learned. Encourage those who attended to share the recap video on their social networks. This video can be used again to promote your next event.

Check out this recap video we made for the #FlipMyFunnel Event in Atlanta last year.


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Fear Of Missing Out

After: Event Highlights

Raise your hand if you have FOMO! *I raise both hands.* FOMO is millennial-speak for Fear Of Missing Out. This is the feeling in the pit of your stomach that makes you go out with friends even though you planned to watch Netflix at home. However, FOMO can be positive when harnessed correctly. Take an event highlight video, for example. This type of content will show those who did not attend what everyone learned, how people made connections, and how much fun they had. This is also a great teaser to entice people to purchase more educational videos from your event. Check out this highlights video from MozCon, which encourages you to purchase the MozCon bundle.

We created this highlight video from a private event held by the W Atlanta-Midtown Hotel, featuring Damien Escobar, to entice their guests to attend their private penthouse concert series and attract new artists to perform for future events.

With some simple scriptwriting and the filming of some product b-roll and interviews, Mud Pie was able to release a video that communicated the new trends and features for the entire Spring collection in under three minutes. Embedding this product line video on your landing page, sharing on social media or in a newsletter, and using paid online advertising are all great strategies when targeting potential new customers.

After watching a live video of an event, 67% of viewers are more likely to purchase a ticket to that event or a similar event.

After: Speakers or Performances

Recording your speakers is like creating your own TED talks. This is particularly helpful when you host a large event that features multiple subject matter experts presenting at the same time in different areas. Even if your event is small, those who attended will want to rewatch certain speakers who truly inspired them. This is also a powerful way to increase your overall audience by providing full-length content for those who could not make it or perhaps only found your event through a recap or highlight video a friend of theirs shared on Facebook.  Creating a library of this thought-leadership content makes the educational effects of your event more widespread, and also reinforces your brand authority in the industry.

We filmed a live stream of T.I. and Hustle Gang’s album release party, which was perfect for all their fans who couldn’t make it to Atlanta or didn’t know about the pop-up show. Not only does video of the performance make their fans happy, but it spreads the excitement of the performance to those who aren’t yet fans.

Evoshield, a Wilson-owned protective sports gear company, has a one of a kind custom fit product. Their customers were often fitting the product incorrectly, and since Evoshield has a perfect fit guarantee, the company was repeatedly replacing the product. We partnered with them to create a series of fitting videos focusing on their 5 main protective products for baseball. Those videos now live on their website to show the proper fitting process. It has reduced the rate of returns and has created champions out of their customers.

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Video ensures your event lives on forever in all of its glory. Pre-event videos generate awareness and buzz around your event and get people excited. Google loves video, so a video promoting your event will perform much better than a worded promotion. After the event, you can encourage attendees to keep the spirit of the event alive with event highlight videos. You can also earn money for your company if you choose to monetize the educational content from your event. Event video can be used in a multitude of ways and serve a vast variety of purposes. Don’t let your event just be an event – with event video you are providing the necessary tools to reach the full potential of your large-scale event-based marketing venture.