7 Reasons Your Corporate Conference Needs Video

February 3, 2019


Back in the day, the only people who could experience a corporate conference were those physically in attendance — which is a shame! Conferences are expensive and extremely time-consuming to put on, and the information pertains to more than just the people who bought a ticket and flew to your city. Fortunately, with video production, your conference can now be more accessible than ever. 

If TED Talks never decided to have professional video production at their conferences, we would probably never have learned about the longest study on human happiness or the Magic of Not Giving a ****.  Digital video has made it possible to take a specific message and transport it onto your screen.

Having a video team at your conference has several benefits, such as helping your event live on forever, boosting brand awareness, increasing ticket/product sales, and more. Enjoy our 7 reasons why your next conference needs a video team.

Video Lives On

One of the most obvious benefits of video at your conference is that video allows your event to live on beyond the day(s) in which it takes place. The average conference only lasts 1-3 days, but organizing and orchestrating it takes months of planning.

When HP (Hewlett-Packard) hosted a conference in Atlanta about branding and digital impact, they didn’t want the information to be lost once the conference was over. HP hired our event video team to ensure that the information presented at the conference was captured professionally and to repurpose the content in various ways once the event was over. 

Boost Brand Awareness

In this day-and-age, we compete for our audiences’ attention, and video is one of the most effective ways to cut through the clutter. The more eyeballs that see your content, the more it builds your brand, shows who you are, and shines a light on why you do what you do. Video of a live event can increase brand favorability by over 60%, which is extremely important considering brand awareness drives most consumer decisions.  

Increase Sales

If you’re promoting a product, service, or company at a conference, you are only marketing to the crowd in physical attendance. However, if you have video from your conference, you could promote your product/service to a far greater audience. 

#FlipMyFunnel is a B2B marketing and sales community dedicated to helping businesses attract, engage, and convert qualified accounts. Because they wanted more than just those in attendance to experience the event, they hired Consume Media to record the entirety of conference. After the event was over- they organized a ‘virtual conference’ and sold ‘virtual tickets’ to the event- where attendees could experience more than 30 different ‘virtual sessions.’

Event Recap Video

By capturing b-roll footage of your conference and adding a little bit of editing magic, an event recap video can be an extremely valuable tool. This piece of content delights your attendees by reminding them how fantastic the event was, and shows non-attendees what they missed out on- making them more likely to want to attend next year. 

On social media- video is over 10 times more likely to be shared than links and text combined. Recapping the conference with a short video is the best way to re-invigorate the conference experience to share with the greatest number of people.

When Consume Media recorded the corporate conference video for #FlipMyFunnel, they also wanted an event recap video to share with their attendees, while also promoting the ‘virtual conference’. Check out what we did with this video! 

Event Promotion Video

If you plan on turning your conference into an annual event, you’ll want a video to promote it for the following year. In 2019, it’s all about digital advertising- and video is 600% more effective than print and direct mail advertising. 

Taste of Atlanta hired us to create an event recap video for the 2017 event. Because we had captured so much b-roll, we were easily able to repurpose that footage into a promotional event for 2018. Check out how we did that below!

Increase YouTube Presence

The very first video ever uploaded to YouTube is a 19-second video called “Me at the zoo” and features the platform’s co-founder talking about how cool elephant trunks are. Since 2005, the platform has evolved into the world’s 2nd largest search engine. When someone Googles a conference, often one of the first things to pop up is a related YouTube video.

Having a YouTube presence is important because people can find a preview of your conference before they purchase tickets. This allows you to peak their interest- and direct them to a link to purchase tickets. Perhaps even more important, an active YouTube channel is beneficial for SEO (search engine optimization)- which can attract more qualified buyers/attendees to your web channels.

SXSW (South by Southwest) calls themselves the world’s largest gathering of creative professionals. SXSW features speakers as prominent as Elon Musk and as niche as the guys from a podcast I listen to called ‘She Didn’t Text Back’ (an amazing podcast title, if you ask me). A staple in Austin, Texas since 1987, the festival had its largest number of attendants in 2018, over 75,000 people. The only thing better than 75,000 people attending your conference is 58 million people seeing your content- which is the number of views the SXSW YouTube channel has. This impressive presence has no doubt helped hundreds of SXSW speakers gain a larger audience and has given the conference a more renowned reputation- all leading to the end-goal of selling more tickets.

Become a Staple in Your City

If you want your conference to become a staple annual event in your city, it’s important to increase your digital footprint with video. When people in your community Google your event, ensuring that there’s a piece of content for them to watch on your website or YouTube channel will help the person learn more. People love getting a preview before purchasing, especially when the purchase decision involves both time and money, like conferences!


We live in a time where corporate video no longer requires a hundred thousand dollar budget and a Hollywood set. With video being more accessible than ever, don’t let your conference be over in a day or two, ensure it lives on forever with video!

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