Convert with Customer Testimonials

October 25, 2018

Who is Cloudleaf?

Cloudleaf is a B2B technology company based out of San Francisco. Their product is an intelligent sensor network that enables companies to track several variables in regards to logistics and supply chain management, predicting disruptions before they happen. Like many fast-growing tech companies, Cloudleaf may be one deal away from striking gold.

Why did they want to invest in video marketing?

Cloudleaf understands that video production is the best way to bring a story to life. Cloudleaf wanted to bring their product to life in an informative manner by using quality video to capture their audience’s attention. Video is a passive way to learn information that can ultimately cause a ripple of change within an organization, which is exactly what Cloudleaf wanted.

convert with customer testimonial videos

Why video?

One of Cloudleaf’s biggest clients is a multi-billion dollar pharmaceutical company called Shire. Cloudleaf was aware that Shire was piloting Cloudleaf’s product in their Georgia plant, and the plant was very pleased with Cloudleaf’s utility. Cloudleaf saw an opportunity to expand beyond the Georgia plant and throughout the entire organization. A customer testimonial video was exactly what Cloudleaf needed to convey just how efficient and effective the product has been for Shire. Cloudleaf saw how compelling it is to convert with customer testimonial videos as they relate to your target audience while conveying the value of a product.

Our Production Day

This video involved one day of production on-site at the Georgia plant. We arrived bright and early and alternated between capturing b-roll of the plant process and interviewing high-level management of varying departments. Throughout the day, we constantly had the goal in mind: show off the utility of Cloudleaf from Shire’s perspective.

convert with customer testimonial videos

The Result

This video made a major impact on both Shire and Cloudleaf’s organizations. Cloudleaf got one step closer to inking a valuable deal, and now have content to show their value to other potential clients. Shire was able to get the message out about how valuable Cloudleaf is for their business. With video- everybody wins 🎉

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