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Life at Consume Media has been super exciting lately. Our studio has been upgraded, our family has grown, and we have started to develop our own video marketing strategy. Since you are an extension of the Consume fam, we wanted to share some updates with you!

Our studio got an upgrade!

we have a cyc wall

The infinity pool of walls, a cyc wall allows for seamless edges. This is a big deal, trust us.

our team

We are happy to report that over the last 1.5 years, we have become a family of 6. Meet our squad!

Leo & Michael

You probably already know our co-founders, Leo and Michael, but allow us to reintroduce them. Michael and Leo started Consume 6.5 years ago in their downtown apartment at UGA, fueled by Red Bull and a dream. From concert films to corporate video strategies, these guys have put their blood, sweat, and tears into evolving Consume into what it is today. They pride themselves on providing a top-notch customer experience while creating a high-quality product. Okay enough cheese, let’s introduce the new kids!

Consume Media updates
Consume Media updates


Louis is our editing wizard. His editing flow is like no other. If Louis isn’t using his standing desk while listening to the Joe Rogan podcast and sipping coffee, then something is terribly wrong. Outside of work, Louis is also a stand-up comedian and food-pun t-shirt designer, and he’s pretty awesome at both if we do say so ourselves.

R Dale

R Dale is our Producer and Director here at Consume. That’s right, his name is R Dale – and the R doesn’t stand for anything, it’s literally just R. Dale is a master of creatively bringing client visions to life all while making our clients feel comfortable in front of the camera. He’s passionate about chicken wings, movies, and being the office troll. He’s also the most incredible whistler you’ve ever heard.

Consume Media updates
Consume Media updates


We call her Lando Calrissian, even though she’s never actually seen Star Wars. Landon started as an intern, became the Brand Awareness Manager, and is now the Customer Success Manager. She creates custom Video Marketing Strategies for our clients to help them achieve their goals with video. Landon makes us all recycle, use paper straws, and occasionally eat a veggie burger. She makes us better. 


Jason also began working with us as an intern and he’s now a full-time editor extraordinaire. Not only is Jason a talented editor, but he’s also a fantastic camera operator- we got lucky! Outside of work, Jason enjoys nothing more than a nice, crisp Yoo-hoo, car culture, and building computers. As the youngest member of the Consume team, we affectionately refer to Jason as “the boy.” Jason keeps the rest of us on the straight and narrow.

Consume Media updates
Consume Media updates


Amber is our honorary 7th employee and a founding member of Consume Media. Amber is our adorable office dog and she can make any day brighter, but she does not care about you unless you have food. We all have a little Amber in us.

internal videos


We recently filmed a series of onboarding videos for new clients. We had a blast getting our team together and filming these informative, funny videos to guide our clients along the video creation journey.
our clients rock

Client Spotlight Video Series

These videos are the newest addition to our video marketing strategy. While we have been providing video marketing solutions for years, our new Client Spotlight videos allow us to show off our strategies through a series of 60-second videos.

Video Marketing is about more than just creating one killer video, so these Client Spotlights are designed to show off how our customers are using video marketing to grow their businesses.

vlog series
Digital Distribution

Your videos are only as powerful as your channel strategy. Gone are the days of simply posting a video to YouTube, and calling that a success.

Meet Landon- the host of our Digital Distribution Vlog Series. We’ve designed this series to educate you on all the best practices for optimizing your videos for different platforms, including Facebook, website, e-mail, LinkedIn, and more!

vlog series
Popular Types of Video
Your video strategy is comprised of a series of different types of video content- Brand Videos, Customer Testimonials, FAQ and more.

In this series, Leo educates us on our customers’ favorite types of videos, how they contribute to video marketing success, and some examples of who is killing the marketing game with video.

We hope you enjoyed these Consume Media Updates. 2018 has been an incredible year of growth and exciting projects, and we’re grateful you’ve been part of it.

The Consume Team