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Director of Video Strategy

Video Testimonials:

The Gateway to Trust

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Build Trust with Testimonials

A website visitor does not instantly become a customer. An initial barrier will always exist between your leads and their purchase decision, and bridging that gap relies on defusing one of human nature’s most primitive defense mechanisms – distrust. Before a visitor will convert into a customer, they must trust you and your company. Well-written copy is a good start, but it will only get you so far. The most authentic and effective way to create digital trust is through video testimonials.

The majority of online shoppers (and humans, in general) respond much better to visual information than plain text, meaning the written testimonials on your website just aren’t enough. It’s important for your visitors to see and hear a positive story from someone who has gone through the same buying journey that they’re going through. This is the unique power of video that naturally makes the experience more engaging, believable, and comforting.


Get Your Customers Involved

Let your current customers, who have experienced your product, brand, or service, do the leg work to convince someone to trust you and your company. Potential customers are more likely to believe and trust an unaffiliated, unbiased opinion – the opinion of someone who isn’t being paid or coerced, but who is sharing their personal experience and opinion. Authenticity is crucial for potential customers to buy-in.

Your visitors want to hear from similar individuals and learn about their experience and results. If their close friend or colleague tells them about having a positive experience with a company, they are immediately more inclined to consider that company’s product or service.

This type of consumer behavior can be mirrored in the digital sphere. In fact, it may even be more important. Many companies say that their client testimonials videos are able convert more Marketing Qualified Leads (MQL) than any of their other sales mediums. Potential customers want to hear from current customers, and there is nothing more convincing than seeing real people talk about their own needs and how your company was able to fulfill and exceed those expectations.

Video Testimonials or Bust

Video testimonials not only help you convert visitors into customers, but they also help you rank higher in search results. Hosting videos on your website inherently boosts your search engine optimization (SEO) – websites with video are 53x more likely to rank on the first page of Google search results – and being on the front-page of Google automatically boosts credibility.

Imagine you are looking for a new dentist, and you come across Gwinnett Smiles on the first page of your Google search. When you visit their homepage, a brand video is one of the first pieces of content that greets you. This is strategic – the brand video not only helps boost Gwinnett Smiles to the first page of search results, but it also provides clear, branded communication to potential customers.

Imagine another scenario: your company is looking to expand it’s marketing activities and you have been researching various marketing technologies in search of the perfect platform. After talking to representatives from multiple firms, your main priority shifts to finding unbiased proof that this product actually works. Marketing technology suppliers, such as Engagio, that are equipped with multiple customer testimonial videos are better prepared to service this desire for unbiased, unaffiliated opinions and experiences. Being present at every stage of the buyer’s journey puts them in position to succeed – especially if the competition has no such content. Ultimately, your potential buyers will decide to purchase from the business that appears the most trustworthy.

Relationships Rely on Trust

It doesn’t matter if your business is a private practice, a tech start-up, or a consulting firm; trust is a key factor in the purchase decision. If your business implements video testimonials as a major part of your video marketing strategy, you will start to see more of your website visitors become more willing to take the next step with your company.

The process of creating a client testimonials video doesn’t have to be complicated. As with any production, preparation is the key to success. It’s important to prepare your customers with a list of questions so that they are comfortable with the process before they walk into your office to film their testimonial. Because it only takes 15-20 minutes of your customer’s time, it’s relatively easy for a B2C business to arrange a full day of customer testimonials at their office or retail location.

With B2B businesses, it becomes about quality over quantity. B2B video testimonials are found to be more convincing when they are shot at the customer’s office. Engagio’s customer testimonial benefited greatly from shooting at VersionOne and allowed us to make a very specific and targeted video.

As with anything that represents your company, it’s important for the testimonials to look great. It all starts with choosing a setting that shows off your business. In order for your customers to appear friendly and trustworthy, they need to be comfortable. Once a location is secured, the next step is to walk each client through the prepared list of questions. While the responses that you receive from your clients should in no way be scripted, it’s important to create a scripted process that can be repeated with the rest of your customers. Transcribing the testimonials is the easiest way to craft a story out of the responses you received, and also gives you the bonus ability of being able to use your video testimonials as written testimonials elsewhere on your website or in marketing materials down the road.

Put a face to the name

Video testimonials aren’t the only way to build trust through video marketing. Brand videos provide your business with a platform to spread your message to the masses and gives potential customers the ability to put a face to the merchant. Your brand video should be focused on communicating your business’s mission, culture, and values. By showing off the humanistic aspect of your company, your new customers will feel like they have met you.

It’s crucial that your firm treats your video strategy as another method of establishing human relationships. If your potential clients can easily get to know your firm, they will be more inclined to choose you as their go-to solution provider.

Dr. Carter’s brand video gave him the opportunity to talk directly to his potential clients about his practice, while also displaying his office, his staff, and their charisma – the ultimate form of a digital handshake.

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A buyer’s ability to trust your firm is at the core of the purchase decision. You can actively reduce the burden of trust by making use of video testimonials and brand videos. With so many alternatives and competitors vying for the same customers, it’s important that you differentiate your company with a video marketing strategy that promotes brand trust.

By providing different types of videos for buyers at different stages of the journey, you will be able to build trust with your buyers before they ever come to your office to meet you. Build trust with testimonials.