How to Market Your Hospital

September 21, 2018

Market Your Hospital with Video!

Who is Eastside Medical Center?

Eastside Medical Center is committed to the care and improvement of human life. They have been a healthcare leader in the Gwinnett County community for 37 years. When they opened in 1980, they housed 100 patient beds. As the community has expanded, so has Eastside. As for their current offerings… well, the video speaks for itself.

brand videos in the healthcare industry

Why did they want to invest in video marketing?

Originally, EMC wanted a video to show their facility and services to present at a healthcare event they were sponsoring, but they ended up using this video production for so much more. Creating brand videos in the healthcare industry has become more popular and important than ever.

The Concept

The concept was simple: use video production to show the history of Eastside, what it has evolved in to, and what services they offer. As a staple of Gwinnett County for almost 40 years, they have grown and evolved their healthcare services to fit the needs of the community.

Our Windy Production

This shoot involved 2 full days of production and an additional day to capture drone footage. The GIF below is our producer, Dale, shielding our creative director, Michael, from not only the natural wind but also the helicopter wind. As we say in the biz – whatever it takes to get the shot!

The Result

Eastside Medical Center originally planned to show this video at a single event, but once they saw the video, they realized how versatile it could be for them. Eastside CEO now calls the video his “pride and joy,” and is using it regularly at events, fundraisers, and even on their website homepage.

In 2018, it’s extremely helpful for any business to have video on their website, but brand videos in the healthcare industry are particularly important because it helps build trust with potential and current clients.

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