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We believe that success is a process, not an accident. Consume Media provides creative video services that enhance your brand, expand your audience, and grow your business.



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Video Process




The planning phase of your video content is where the goals are achieved. Every aspect of your video needs to be seen through the lens of your ideal customer. From scriptwriting and location scouting to storyboarding and production scheduling, we work with you to ensure we end up with the winning formula.


Video Production

Lights, camera, action. It’s important to release high quality content. Our team of experienced video professionals utilize state of the art equipment to give your production the high-end look and feel. Detailed video editors review every frame and apply the professional polish that brings your brand to life.


Measuring Results

Now that you’ve created the darts, it’s time to throw them at the target. Modern video analytics provide the power to see how your video marketing is resonating with your audience. By leveraging this intelligence layer, your business can adapt in real-time to market tastes and focus more on the things that work, and less on the things that don’t.




Increase Sales

Product Video

Show your product off in style and convert product page visitors into purchasers.

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Video Testimonials

Video testimonials help you build trust with your website visitors.

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Enhance Visibility

Brand Video

Every brand has a story to tell. Connect on an emotional level with brand video.

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Event Recap Video

Allow anyone to re-live a special moment from anywhere in the world.

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Become a Video Marketing Master

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Learn the fundamental video marketing strategies that every business must implement to succeed in today’s digital world.



Activate Your Audience

Advertising Campaigns

Targeted video messaging that converts viewers into buyers.

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Fundraising Video

Empower your next big idea with engaging video content that activates your audience.

Improve a Process


Simplify the complex with video communications for your employees and partners.


Reach the future leaders of your company using targeted recruiting videos.

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Not sure which types of video content your business needs in order to achieve your goals?